Commencing with strong artistic abilities as a child, Michael went on to express and diversify his talents by becoming a professional actor in the 70's. Most recent films in 2005 are -'Zodiac', 'Pursuit of Happyness', 'Rent', 'Valley of Heart's Desire' Before 2005 Michael appeared in 'Just Like Heaven', 'The Darwin Awards', 'Twisted', 'Assasination of Richard Nixon', 'Matrix II', '40 days and 40 Nights', ’Woman on Top’, 'A Smile Like Yours', 'Metro', 'Jack' to name a few movies. TV - the last 3 seasons of Nash Bridges in S.F. In the 70's - 'General Hospital', 'Days of Our Lives'.

Later his interests moved from being in front of the camera to capturing the world through the camera lens. In 1980, Michael then began to transfer his talents into the art of photography, and has been prolific ever since.

Based in Sonoma County, Ca since 1994, Michael B loves to travel. His portfolios reflect a strong respect for the beauty of nature and the joy of life's numerous activities. Bountiful color and finely composed images of nature, elegant portraiture, beautiful weddings, along with various special event photography has been Michael’s forte since 1983. Michael's dream is to be employed as an ongoing travel photographer for an international organization.

Former photo clients include: IBM, Fair Isaac, The Food & Beverage Journal S.F., The Mill Valley Film Festival. Ongoing Sonoma County clients: the Harvest Fair, the Harmony Festival, The Spirit of Christmas Faire, KZST, KJZY Radio, Luther Burbank Center for the Arts, various small companies, and individuals over the years.

Michael is available for international and domestic assignments, corporate work, and special occasions and portraiture. Michael B Photography has a sizeable image bank to select from for your special needs, or he will gladly create that which you seek.